• Wasteland: Volume 4
    One of our Seven Devils tracks now features on the new Goth City compilation, Wasteland: Volume 4. Get yer filthy hands on a copy at Goth City Records.
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  • Seven Devils Album Released
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  • The Adventures of the Happy Little Wattingers and the Bus Load of American Tourists
    By Steven C Davis Once upon a time, in the outlying lands of Kernow, where crocogators lived in fetid swamps and feral jackalopes hunted the wild moors, there dwelt the Wattinger clan. The Wattinger clan was known throughout the land – cannibals and killers, moonshine-makers and skin-wearers – and they were feared aplenty. It was Read More …
  • Interview with Nickie Shobiery
    If you’ve never heard of The Wattingers and slaughterhouse blues, now’s your chance. Martin Wattinger kindly answered Nickie Shobeiry’s questions about Steampunk, sack-hoods, and Fish-Eyed Jill. Read More …