Created in 2008 by Martin Wattinger, The Wattingers are a 3 piece act performing against a backdrop of synchronized videos.

The music is simply described as ‘Slaughterhouse Blues’; stripped down to the bare bones, inspired by old blues and prison ‘hollers’. Musically, The Wattingers are influenced  by The Birthday Party, Screaming Jay Hawkins, The Bad Seeds, Gallon Drunk, Howling Wolf, The Butthole Surfers, the Beasts Of Bourbon, Jawbone, Captain Beefheart, and Tom Waits to name but a few. 

The Wattingers embrace the wide diversity of industrial gothic, steam western, steam punk and other subcultures that exist and strive against narrow and restrictive definitions.

Seven Devils is a side project of the Wattingers, often songs from this project are integrated into the Wattingers set. Seven Devils material can be seen on the Wattingers YouTube channel.

We are:

  • Martin Wattinger
    Vocals and harmonica, video projections and artefact maker. Creator of The Wattingers
  • Cletus Kye-Babadook Wattinger
    On Evil Wood bass guitar, nephew son of Martin Wattinger. He lives betwixt the pages of childrens’ books and comes out at night to scare them in their dreams.
  • Sarah Wattinger
    For the longest time, she been gone walkabout in the Arizona desertlands and came back wearing ghosts dragged up from the haunted plains. On rib rattler and bone shaker, daughter, niece and third wife of Martin Wattinger.
  • Ezekial Obediah Wattinger
    In this haunted engine of time-travelling capability, resides our ancestor Ezekial Obediah Wattinger, who’s mostly, but not all, dead. It is with this inter-dimensional device that we travel back and forth in time. Ezekial is the fourth member of the band, pulling rhythms up from beyond the grave.

Upcoming Events

  • Wasteland: Volume 4
    One of our Seven Devils tracks now features on the new Goth City compilation, Wasteland: Volume 4. Get yer filthy hands on a copy at Goth City Records.
  • Buy Our Merch!
    You can now buy T-Shirts, badges and CDs, through our Big Cartel store at, or hit ‘Store’ in the menu.
  • Seven Devils Album Released
    Go to Bandcamp to order your copy